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Beberapa studi terkait migrasi perawat Indonesia yang pernah dilakukan oleh peneliti diantaranya:

  1. IJEPA: gray area for health policy and international nurse migration

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  1. Human Resources for Health Country Profile of Indonesia

Kurniati, A., & Efendi, F. (2013). Human resources for health country profile of Indonesia. WHO South-East Asia Region.

  1. The Situational Analysis of Nursing Education and Workforce In Indonesia

Efendi, F., Chen, C. M., & Kurniati, A. (2018). The Situational Analysis Of Nursing Education And Workforce In Indonesia. The Malaysian Journal of Nursing, 9(4), 20-29.

  1. A Comparative Study of Nursing Educational System in Indonesia and Japan

Nugraha, S., Tanaka, M., & Efendi, F. (2008). A Comparative Study of Nursing Educational System in Indonesia and Japan. Journal Ners, 3(2), 153-160.

  1. Return Migrants to Indonesia: A Case Study Of EPA Returnees

Efendi, F., & Chen, C. M. (2018). return migrants to Indonesia: a case study of EPA returnees.

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