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Medical Surgical Nursing Bullet III (Belajar KMB itu mudah)

? A Milwaukee brace is used for patients who have structural scoliosis. The brace helps to halt the progression of spinal curvature by providing longitudinal traction and lateral pressure. It should be worn 23 hours a day.
? Short-term measures used to treat stomal retraction include stool softeners, irrigation, and stomal dilatation.
? A patient who has a colostomy should be advised to eat a low-residue diet for 4 to 6 weeks and then to add one food at a time to evaluate its effect.
? To relieve postoperative hiccups, the patient should breathe into a paper bag.
? If a patient with an ileostomy has a blocked lumen as a result of undigested high-fiber food, the patient should be placed in the knee-chest position and the area below the stoma should be massaged.
? During the initial interview and treatment of a patient with syphilis, the patient’s sexual contacts should be identified.
? The nurse shouldn’t administer morphine to a patient whose respiratory rate is less than 12 breaths/minute.
? To prevent drying of the mucous membranes, oxygen should be administered with hydration. Continue reading “Medical Surgical Nursing Bullet III (Belajar KMB itu mudah)”

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