Research centre REACH

Community Health Nursing Indicators (Indikator Keperawatan Kesehatan Komunitas)

CHN Indicators
Indicators of CHN implementation are:
1. Input Indicators:
– % nurse coordinator (D3)
– % nurse with CHN training
– % Nurse village in charge (has CHN kit)
– % Public health care center has SOP/standards

2. Process Indicator
– % family with health risk has document folder
– mapping of public health care center
– public health care center has plan of action
– Job role and task distribution of nurse
– Cohort register for family with health risk
– Nursing note
– Case discusion and reflection activity
– Monitoring and evaluation result

3. Output Indicator
– % family with health risk has been fostered
– % family with health risk has fostered
– % sick people are followed up
– % group is fostered
– % villages are fostered

4. Outcome Indicator
Self reliance on health of individual, family, group and community is improved.

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