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The Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI) offers an advanced leadership programme for nurses and/or midwives at senior level and executive positions in developed and developing countries across the world. The programme, drawing on the expertise of international faculty, allows participants to review and enhance their national and global leadership knowledge and skills within a collaborative and stimulating learning culture. The GNLI is facilitated by Paddie Blaney, ICN Nurse Consultant and Director of the ICN Leadership for Change™ programme.
ICN has been a pioneer in leadership, management and negotiation skill development for nurses for more than 25 years, through the highly successful Leadership for Change™ (LFC) and Leadership in Negotiation (LIN) programmes. The GNLI represents the third-arm of ICN’s leadership development strategy.
The fee for attending the GNLI is set and announced each year, and includes GNLI costs, accommodation and meals. Thanks to the ICN-Burdett partnership, the cost of attending the GNLI is subsidised for all participants.
In addition approximately a third of GNLI places will attract a full bursary. Preference for Bursaries will be given to those who meet the selection criteria, come from lower income countries and do not have access to the necessary resources to participate.
The cost per participant, inclusive of fees, accommodation, meals and local transport from 10 – 16 September 2011 is 2 500 Swiss francs. Please note this does not include travel cost from the home country to the GNLI venue , unless the participant has been offered a bursary.
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