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Human Resources for Health Country Profile

The document on the Human Resources for Health profile for Indonesia aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the health workforce situation in Indonesia. Collecting the data on HRH was quite challenging, as many of the secondary data requested for the profile template was either unavailable or incomplete. The functioning of the Indonesian CCF team was helpful to share the data collected from the stakeholder. However, most of the HRH data was the estimation of HRH requirement based on the health facility standard.
This profile, therefore, is expected to become the important contribution in strengthening the HRH information system in the country through the establishment of baselines for evidence-based decision making and policy development at country and regional levels.
The development of the Indonesian Human Resources for Health (HRH) profile is the first step in the whole process of developing and implementing a national HRH Observatory. Furthermore, the HRH profile can be seen as a national resource for producing, sharing and utilizing health workforce information and evidence to support.

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