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Dear All,

Please could you help making announcement to relevant parties about our IDRC supported free Internet course “Do-It-Yourself: Essential Epidemiological Data Analysis”. I will start on 6th February 2012 at .

This course is suitable for researchers who want to learn Epidemiology, Medical Statistics and Data Analysis at the same time. The course is based on the open-source software R and the downloadable free book “Analysis of Epidemiological Data Using R and Epicalc“. The datasets and handout notes are freely downloadable from the class. Participants can select their own free time to lean the lesson and complete their homework. Active discussion is encouraged and all timely submitted assignment will be marked and discussed by the tutors.

The course takes a continuation of 9 weeks. Each week will require a total of about 15-20 hours for the participants to work. Certain public health background is useful but not absolutely necessary. Neither any particular prerequisite nor endorsement is needed. Determination and self-discipline are however very necessary.

Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong
Professor of Epidemiology
Faculty of Medicine
Prince of Songkla University
Hatyai, 90110, Thailand

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