Responsibilities of Faculty & Nursing Program in Preceptorship Program

Responsibilities of the school of nursing and faculty include the following:
• Communicate with agency and preceptor to determine agreement regarding the number of students and assigned schedule.
• Identify learning opportunities for student clinical experience with preceptor, agency administration, and student.
• Provide course objectives, syllabus, and textbook to agency and preceptor.
• Become oriented to the agency policies and procedures, facility and equipment.
• Collaborate with agency administration and preceptor regarding the amount and type of supervision to be provided by faculty to students.
• Assure ongoing communication with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Provide support and feedback to the preceptor and student.
• Provide adequate supervision, guidance and evaluation of students.
• Provide documentation that the students and faculty have professional liability insurance coverage.
• Advise the agency as to the plan for student’s emergency medical care while assigned to the agency.
• Assure memorandum of agreement between agency and School of Nursing is in place.
• Evaluate preceptor experience with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Report benefits of preceptor program to stakeholders.
• Meet with agency staff before, during, and following the educational experience to evaluate the learning experience and plan for the future.